How to Use Gaveling: Tips for Attorneys

Gaveling is a tool that allows attorneys, jurors, witnesses, parties, and anyone else who is in front of a judge to rate the judge. Gaveling is a great tool to not only learn about judges you will be in front of, but also to rate judges and share your feedback on them.  One of the primary goals of Gaveling is to create transparency in the legal community.

To do this, it is helpful to follow some of the tips below for using Gaveling:

Tips for using Gaveling™:

  • Be professional. When you rate judges, do not swear, gossip, or use offensive or threatening language. Gaveling is not a place to gossip or gratuitously insult judges. We do our best to remove threatening or abusive language immediately. Gaveling is a place to share honest feedback in a professional manner.

  • Be specific. Don't say "the judge is great!" or "the judge is terrible!" Say why. For example, "The judge is great because she showed up to the bench on time, was very familiar with the cases that appeared before her, including mine. She asked good questions and showed she understood the law." 

  • Be honest. Just because you lose a case does not mean your judge is biased against you or your party. Instead, try to be impartial when you rate judges. Remember, that you are in the role of a judge now! Rate accordingly.

  • Do not disclose confidential client information. This should go without saying! But just because you are using a website or an app does not mean you should lose your filter, your morality, or your license to practice law. Keep client details and information completely anonymous when you rate judges.

  • Share Gaveling with others. Recommend it to friends who you think will find it useful. Be a useful part of your network. The more people that join, the more helpful it will be.

  • Have fun. Gaveling is a place to be honest about judges, but also to have fun. To get to know others. To encourage good feedback. To share interesting and entertaining experiences.

  • Tell us if there is something you think we could improve on! Please do not hesitate to e-mail us ( if you notice something that we could do better. We love to hear your ideas, questions, comments, or complaints.

Thank you for your support of Gaveling!